Glukoza jako mega toksyczny…

Glukoza jako mega toksyczny zwiazek w przyrodzie musi byc neutralizowany za pomoca insuliny do obojetnych zwiazkow w ludzkim organizmie, czyli do cholesterolu, glicerolu i WKT.

#dieta #dodzo #lchf #keto, ktora zbawi Polske (na swiat leje cieplym moczem) xD

termin waznosci 24 h:
In addition, ketones have been shown to reduce inflammation and production of reactive oxygen species, as well as to up-regulate mitochondria in the brain.While all of these may have significant cumulative and synergistic effects in the months or years that precede cognitive impairment, it is striking how quickly the brain responded to a single week of dietary change or 30 min following a single dose of D-βHb. This rapid response effectively ruled out indirect inflammatory, antioxidant, tau/amyloid, and/or adaptive mitochondrial mechanisms of action, allowing us to isolate a more straightforward role of diet on metabolism. While further experiments will be needed to elucidate the mechanism at a microscopic scale and to explore its impact on the aging brain over longer time periods, the near-immediate changes in network stability, clearly visible even at the scale of the single participant, are encouraging, as they suggest that dietary interventions can have marked and measurable neurobiological effects on timescales relevant to clinical intervention.

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